On behalf of Seymour Decorating, welcome to a whole new year rife with possibilities!

One of the most fun things about January each year is the announcement of the colors of the year. The process begins with Pantone, a consulting service that forecasts color trends. This year, Pantone has selected two colors to represent 2021. First is a rather predictable medium gray, dubbed Ultimate Gray, and with it, a vivid lemony yellow called Illuminating. The yellow comes as a bit of a surprise (the gray does not), and it’s going to show up in everything from kitchen wares to fabrics. Pantone suggests it might be the ideal time to repaint your own front door and add a few sofa pillows in this delicious, happy hue.

Meanwhile, our favorite paint companies are also naming their colors of the year for 2021. Benjamin Moore has selected a cool green-blue shade called Aegean Teal as their signature color for the year. Add a warm neutral and you have a fabulous color scheme for a living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen.

PPG Paint has announced a signature color scheme for 2021—picture perfect for a master bedroom or bath. The colors are Transcend—a warm, mid-tone, earthy beige, partnered with Misty Aqua, a warm cerulean blue, and Big Cypress, a shaded ginger shade with persimmon undertones.

Meanwhile, in India, Satha Narayan, an astrologer and consulting psychologist, has come out with his choices for lucky colors for 2021. Being an astrologer, however, means that your lucky colors are based on your astrological sign. Believe or disbelieve, here’s what Narayan predicts:

For Aries, red, white and yellow are lucky. For Taurus, stick with lotus pink and white. Gemini should stick with yellow and green for good luck, but pink and white are also good choices. For Cancer, white, cream, silver, red and lemon are lucky. For those born under the sign of Leo, orange, gold and red are the best choices, while Virgos do well with blue, green, white and pale yellow. For Libra, orange and white are the best choices for good fortune, while Scorpio would do well with white, red, chocolate and orange. For Sagittarius, dark yellow and orange are the lucky colors for 2021. For Capricorn, stick with black, purple, dark brown or green. Aquarians benefit from light blue and purple. For Pisces, pick orange and yellow.

Enjoy a colorful 2021!

Happy January. Happy 2021.