Good for you! You picked out a paint color! …Now you have to choose a finish. What does that mean and how can you know which sheen to pick? We’ve got your back! 

Flat paint should be used on ceilings. Flat paint is a great option for ceilings, which tend to have flaws like uneven textures, cracks, and joints. Because of the finish of flat paint, it absorbs more light and results in less noticeable irregularities. Flat sheen can also be touched up much easier than any other type of sheen; a great benefit when retouching a ceiling. 

Eggshell Is best in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Eggshell is great for spaces that are lived-in but not quite as exposed to the messes and moisture often found in kitchens and bathrooms. Messes are easily wiped off this sheen without ruining the paint job. Eggshell is usually the most true-to-color option of the finishes; as it neither reflects nor absorbs light. The walls will have a subtle luster without an over-the-top shiny look.

Satin is great for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. This sheen will highlight any imperfections and debris, so thoroughly prepare the surface before painting. Once painted, this durable finish can be cleaned frequently and will withstand high traffic. Satin makes it easy to wipe up any makeup, fingerprints, or sink splatter without being afraid of damaging the paint job.

Semi-Gloss is a wonderful finish for doors, trim, molding, and kitchen cabinets. Semi-gloss paints typically resist stains better than other finishes and are easy to clean; making them the toughest against wear and tear. The paint color can look darker because semi-gloss reflects light.  The extra gloss in this sheen also acts as a barrier for moisture and drips.